General Meeting this Thursday, 4/10!

Hi Neighbors and Friends,

It’s been a very busy winter for GSNC since our last posting, what with hot issues like the Dakota Substation and the Genesee Hill School, plus board elections, 2014 planning, and more. We were not able to update the website as often as we would have liked, but did send out e-mail announcements and information to our e-mail list. If you haven’t yet signed up to receive our e-mails, please do so to ensure you get our latest news and updates!

General Meeting this Thursday, April 10 (or, Do You Know Where Your Nearest Emergency Communications Hub Is?)

Please plan to join us this Thursday evening from 7 to 8:30 in Howell Auditorium at the West Side Presbyterian Church for updates on all of the above topics. In addition, we are looking forward to hearing from Cindi Barker of West Seattle Be Prepared on the topic of Emergency Communication Hubs. The GSNC board identified emergency preparedness in our neighborhood as one of the group’s priorities for 2014, and Cindi’s presentation will be a great kickoff to the year’s activities. She will share just how communication between residents and the city’s emergency responders is expected to happen in the event of a major earthquake or other disaster that takes down the usual modes of communication such as cell phones. Multiple volunteers are needed to staff the Hubs should a disaster occur, and training is available twice per year, with the next one coming up in mid-May. Come find out more and consider getting involved!


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