Landscape Conceptual Design B

Here is Conceptual Design B, with more commentary below it:

Concept B

The SDAT decided that it preferred the field/playspace/amphitheater arrangement in Concept A, in addition to the yellow patio-type areas at the top of the slope in Concept B. (These would not be connected because the bridges access the upper slope on the same level.)

A request was made for a kindergarten play area near the NE corner of the building, and another request to provide public access along the NE property line down to the lower level.

There was also some discussion about the placement of the ramp and stairs leading down from the bus loading zone along 51st to the school level. There was a preference for moving the stairs south, so that there would be direct access across the parent dropoff road to the play area where children will gather before school. The ramp, whether a long straight one (best for neighbors coming from the NE part of the property) or a zigzag one, would ideally end at the same location as the stairs so that there would be a single crossing point (likely to be managed with a stop sign or some other traffic control).

The garden spaces will probably be moved from being adjacent to Genesee Street closer to the amphitheater and/or building on the lower level, but the wish is to retain the southern exposure for best growing conditions.

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