Call for Volunteers!

Lisa Reager is organizing volunteers for reaching out to more neighbors and to work on specific Working Groups. The main focus is to help make the Genesee School a positive community asset.  Details on volunteer needs are below. Let her know what you are interested in helping with  at

One way to participate is to talk to your neighbors and gather names, addresses, and best contact information (email &/or phone/text) of people on your block who are interested.  Since we have a wide variety of preferred communication methods it might be nice to have one person every block or so who is willing to make sure the folks who aren’t on a contact list know the important information (community safety info, upcoming meetings, block parties, etc).    If you have more time and would like to be involved with planning or organizing projects, there are currently 6 working groups that can use your help and participation:

1.       The Neighborhood Engagement Team to establish contact with everyone who expresses an interest in GSNC and getting the word out that we exist.  This may include delivering fliers, calling neighbors, and generally talking up the GSNC.

2.       The Communication Team to develop efficient methods of communication and information sharing within the tasks groups of GSNC (Executive Committee, Long Range Planning Group, Gardening and Clean-up, Crime Prevention and Emergency Preparedness, and Events) using email, google docs, or virtual meetings, etc.;  to develop and maintain effective communication links to the larger GS Neighborhood and to our West Seattle neighbors using the website, media, and possibly a newsletter.

3.       Gardening and Clean-up to maintain and improve the Genesee School Property and grounds while the building is closed.   Eventually, this group may expand its role to include neighborhood wide improvements in landscaping, parks, playgrounds, and traffic flow.

4.       Crime Prevention and Emergency Preparedness to coordinate the city’s efforts at Crime Prevention, especially the Block Watch Program and the Emergency Preparedness efforts with our GS neighborhoods.  Ideally, every household would be linked and informed.

5.       Long Range Planning to develop plans to lease all or part of the Genesee School building over the indeterminate time interval (3-10 years) while the School District considers re-opening the school, and to develop a plan for the sale and development of the property which adds the most value to our community if and when the District decides on selling the property.

6. Events to coordinate various activities and programs involving our neighborhood (e.g.  general membership meetings, social events like a potluck or picnic, bonfire and marshmallow roast, Halloween party, or community wide yard sale) any of which develop a sense of neighborhood and community.

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