Great Volunteers Make a Difference

The fourth  community clean-up of the Genesee School yard took place on Saturday, September 18.  A great group of volunteers helped. Every bit of help makes a big difference.  See the list below of all that has been accomplished!

One more chance to help this year:  October 16, 9AM to 1PM.

Here are some of the great volunteers and organizers from Saturday. Thanks!

This big pile of donated mulch was moved into spaces weeded last month, to keep the grounds looking well-kept through the spring.

Organized by the Genesee Schmitz Neighborhood Council, many neighbors have contributed time on four Saturdays to make the vacated school grounds a more appealing, cared-for community area.  This work has enhanced the general look and feel of the neighborhood and increased positive community use which discourages harmful activities.  The gardening staff of the Seattle Public Schools have been helpful by contributing direction, equipment and tools to the success of the joint project.

What has been accomplished?

  • Raised pea patch beds have been cleaned out, refurbished and enriched with Zoo Doo contributed by the Woodland Park Zoo
  • Weeds and brambles are now cleared away
  • Mulching assures keeping new weed growth down
  • Wildlife habitat has been restored
  • Trees have been trimmed to increase visibility which will inhibit criminal activities
  • Art murals donated by Van Asselt Elementary are hung on the building walls  from bringing color and cheer to the playground
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